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The power of solution focused ‘freestyle’ hypnotherapy to help stop binge eating.

You can’t function effectively or be happy and fulfilled when you’re repeatedly fighting binge eating and the guilt and shame that comes with it.

If you could stop binge eating, you would.

Maybe you have a  history of relationship problems, body image issues…or you’ve started having panic attacks, outbreaks of depression and anxiety out of the blue.

Whatever the case, the chances are you feel hopeless and stuck more often than happy and free, out of control more often than in control…and there’s an endless inner chatter that takes you deeper into a place you don’t want to go.

Can you really stop binge eating with hypnotherapy?

Whatever the situation, the good news is that solution focused freestyle hypnotherapy with me can help.

I’ve personally helped many people across the globe to end the tyranny of food and improve their relationships with food – and with themselves.

You can start to end any yo yo relationship with food, stop binge eating, feel comfortable around food – and have it play a normal, natural part in your life…rather than being at the centre of it.

  • You can start feeling in control again.
  • You can laugh more often – and feel like you mean it;
  • You can improve the important relationships at home and at work – that may have been negatively impacted by your problem (even if you haven’t openly admitted it);
  • You can start to feel motivated, inspired even (hard to believe, but true);
  • It’s time to stop feeling miserable, hopeless, anxious and trapped.  It’s time to stop those thoughts and unhelpful actions in their tracks, to be freshly inspired, creative, motivated and build life on your terms.

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Or strike while the determination is high and book an initial consultation.

You have been an amazing person in my life. some times I think without you and what you do I would not be here would not have made it through that storm….Deborah Journeaux, Artist and Mother

Stop Binge Eating Expert, Hypnotherapist, Author, Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Hypnotherapy for binge eating and eating disorders.  Creator of DitchTheBinge

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