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Expert hypnotherapy for anxiety

feeling anxious and fearing the worst? sleep affected? work affected? relationships suffering? losing control?

What happens if…

If only x had happened…..

If only x hadn’t happened….

It’s getting worse…

Is your mind stuck in an distraught at not having tried expert hypnotherapy for anxiety with Shirley Billsonendless loop of fears for the future and worries about the past (and the present)?  Is it spinning in the search for solutions, but none seem to work for any length of time, if at all? Are you feeling hopeless and stuck? Is your sleep affected – can’t sleep; or sleep a lot, but never wake refreshed? Are you wondering about the power of hypnotherapy for anxiety?

You can’t function effectively or be happy and fulfilled when you’re repeatedly fighting anxiety, worry or disordered eating. It isolates you, makes you withdrawn.  Relationships begin to feel strained at home and at work…and life can lose it’s shine.

Whatever your status, reputation or title, what others see on the outside can seem so different to what you feel on the inside.

The chances are you feel hopeless and stuck more often than happy and free, out of control more often than in control…and there’s an endless inner chatter that takes you deeper into a place you don’t want to go.

Maybe you have a  history of relationship problems, body image issues…or you’ve started having panic attacks, outbreaks of depression and anxiety out of the blue.

Whatever the situation, the good news is I can help.

Start feeling in control again

Sleep better at night and wake refreshed

Laugh more – and mean it

Feel motivated, inspired even

Improve relationships at home and at work

You can…with my unique brand of solution focused freestyle hypnotherapy, you can end binge eating and anxiety related disorders with hypnosis.

It’s time to stop feeling miserable, hopeless, anxious and trapped.  It’s time to stop those thoughts and unhelpful actions in their tracks, to be freshly inspired, creative, motivated and build life on your terms.

With expert command of solution focused hypnotherapy, intuition, and gifted ‘freestyle scripting,’ I become the catalyst for your innate creativity to generate crystal clear thought and fresh actions that liberate you…in ways you haven’t yet let yourself believe was possible.

You have been an amazing person in my life. some times I think without you and what you do I would not be here would not have made it through that storm….Deborah Journeaux, Artist and Mother

It’s way more than just hypnotherapy for anxiety…

This is beyond hypnotherapy or psychotherapy.  It is the beginning – or the re-emergence – of a journey into a life worth living.  Doors open that seemed closed.  Opportunities that were obscured become visible.

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