expert hypnotherapist, shirley billson

a little about me

I do nothing but enable an unfolding of WHO YOU ARE at your best

…I could tell you the usual stuff about my 7 years as a clinical hypnotherapist, my MA in marketing, my time as a director of four separate companies and those of others, my coaching and mentoring skills, my authorship or training skills….

…or I could tell you about some of the many low points that have made me who I am today, about the self doubt, the sense of failure…

…of the oceans of tears, of the depression, the debt, the ‘poor me’ years, and the anger and frustration, of the ups and the downs…and the journey of metamorphosis…that began with hypnosis and the magical spells I could weave with wordscropped-minimoo11.jpg

….that could allow me to fully unleash my own creative brilliance in crafting totally unique hypnosis experiences for each client

…to reveal the brilliance of who you really are, to convert lack of control, anxiety and doubt… and transform it to power and strength.

Together we create something magical, something enduring, something robust…a more powerful you.

It’s more than hypnotherapy; it’s more than coaching; it’s more than mentoring.   It’s alchemy.



Stop Binge Eating Expert, Top Hypnotherapist, Author, Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Tetbury, Malmesbury, Skype, Glos, Creator of Kick-Asspiration & DitchTheBinge

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