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It’s simple to get control of your life.

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You want change now.  The work to get control of your problem, begins right away.

Evening appointments available.

If you’re up for life changing and transformational metamorphosis, call me.  Let the alchemy begin.


We can work in person at my Tetbury consulting rooms, just 15 minutes from Cirencester, 30 minutes from Bath; or virtually; so, whether you are in Australia, USA – or just round the corner, the magic can happen.

Gaining the ability to live the life you want is priceless.


I’m not the cheapest, but I am one of the best.

Initial 90 minute consultation: £195

Subsequent sessions: £145

Payable by credit or debit card.

Time to get control

When one aspect of your life spirals out of control, it can be easy for the rest of life to start becoming de-railed.

You start to worry about what might happen in the future, what could have happened differently in the past. You fear the worst.

Your logical conscious mind wants to solve the problem; but it can’t. Instead, the more it tries to solve the problem, the worse the problem gets.

You can start to feel helpless and hopeless – and nothing seems to work.

It’s time to call me. Time to discuss how life could be different. Time for change.

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