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Shirley Billson is fxxxxing brilliant.  Hire her!

julie flanders

Julie Flanders, Achievement Expert, Lyricist, Vocalist and Founding Member of October Project

You have been an amazing person in my life. some times I think without you and what you do I would not be here would not have made it through that storm.

Deborah Journeaux, Artist and Mother

I certainly haven’t looked back and the results speak for themselves. 9 months on I am much happier in my own skin and I have secured the promotion I so desperately wanted. More over, it’s overseas and so a bigger challenge than ever and something a year ago I’d have liked to have done, but would have walked away from because the challenge would have seemed too great.

Natasha Hatherall, CEO, Artist, Jewellery Designer and Marketing Expert.  Tash has since set up her own award winning, roar away success marketing company in Dubai.

 Shirley made sure we spent time finding out the ‘real me’….to change my thought path from an ‘I can’t’ to an ‘I can’! ……  after years of feeling anxious and getting nowhere I’m so happy to be able to show people what I can offer.  I really couldn’t have anticipated the change it has had in my life. 

Suzy Barker, Social Worker

ivan rocheShirley is one of the few people that I have met in my life that has the personality to put you immediately at ease. Having put you at ease she has an incredible ability to get you to focus on the key issues and more importantly to make a decision and move forward. As a result of working with Shirley I have changed my life and have spent more time in the last year with my loved ones then I did in the last six years. I would recommend Shirley to anyone who is prepared to listen.”

Ivan Roche, Director, Non-Executive Director, Investor & Mentor

Shirley encourages you to dream big and I am finally realising a dream that began in childhood, but not only does she encourage the dream she also gives you practical ways to plan for that success. 
I am so glad that I contacted Shirley and began the programme with her. I know that I am already benefiting from the investment, not just financially but in all areas of my life

Sarah Whittaker, Hypnotherapist and Writer


Stop Binge Eating Expert, Top Hypnotherapist, Author, Advanced Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Tetbury, Malmesbury, Skype, Glos, Creator of Kick-Asspiration & DitchTheBinge

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